Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Handy Tip for Traveling With Your iPad or other Wirless Device

What do you do to with your iPad if you get to a hotel that has Internet, but the wired variety? How do you connect your iPad to the Internet without an Ethernet port?

The solution is to use a portable router. Portable routers work just like your home router, only they're much smaller.  Two very good ones are the D-Link AirPlus and the TRENDnet Travel Router. Without a router, your dream of being able to stay connected while at a hotel might become a nightmare. With a portable router (sometimes called "pocket router"), you'll stay connected, regardless of whether  the hotel you're staying at has a wifi or wired connection.

Traveling with a pocket router two additional benefits: You can connect multiple computers to the router, so your family doesn't fight over Internet connection time; it's a good idea to have one, even if you're traveling with a regular laptop or netbook. A portable router can also let you pay just one connection fee for everyone. (Don't get me started on hotels that charge for wifi. These days, not having free wifi is like charging guests for water.)

Before your next trip, pick up a portable router.

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