Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Name Mapper - A Fun Way to Waste Time (Unless You're Expecting)

If you are looking for a fun website to waste a little time or to procrastinate from some boring chore, hop on over to the Baby Name Mapper. Just enter any name in the search box, specify the gender of the name, and hit search. The US map will instantly display all the states where that name ranks in the top 100 names, and also show you the progression of the name's popularity starting in 1960 and ending in 2009. Click on any state and you will be shown the name's exact rank within the top 100.

A second tab, labeled "Timeline" displays the name's relative popularity by income group, political affiliation, region, and population density, as graphed in peaks, shaded boxes, or circles, over a timeline stretching from 1960 to 2009.

Just visit and have fun. Of course, if you're expecting a baby and have to come up with a name that will last a lifetime, the site is not a time-waster in the slightest: It's a phenomenally informative resource.

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