Saturday, May 5, 2012

Learn How to Become a Responsible Neighborhood Watch Volunteer - May 8 at Police Station

Are you interested in helping the police keep your neighborhood safe?  Then come to the next Neighborhood Watch Training on Tuesday, May 8 at the Second District Police Station at 3320 Idaho Avenue from 7:00 - 8:30 pm. The training is free to anyone who wants to come learn the behaviors that criminals look for before committing their crimes. By learning what criminals look for, you can eliminate those behaviors and decrease your chances of being a crime victim. You will also learn how to be a block captain, if you are willing to take on that role for your block. We are hoping to have one person on every block of the city who will share information with their neighbors, and stay connected to MPD for up to the minute news about crime in the neighborhood.

This is the only training in the Second District for the month of May. You can learn more about the Neighborhood Watch Program here:,a,1242,q,560689,mpdcnav_gid,1523,mpdcnav,%7c.asp

If you are interested in taking the training, or if you have any questions about the training or Neighborhood Watch, please contact the Citywide Neighborhood Watch Trainer, Samantha Nolan at  nolantutor @

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