Thursday, December 16, 2010

7-11 Coming to Cleveland Park Area

Ordinarily, the arrival of a 7-11 wouldn't be news, but many Cleveland Park area residents have lamented the loss of the 7-11 at Connecticut Avenue and Porter Street, NW. While the 7-11 has been replaced by a very useful and well-reviewed urgent care clinic, having a store that was open 24 hours a day, which magically seemed to have everything you needed, was a loss for the neighborhood.

A sharp-eyed neighbor reported on the Cleveland Park Listserv yesterday that a 7-11 is sprouting up just north of the heart of Cleveland Park, at Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street. Here is what that listserv member saw: "The building permit on the old Green Apple Cafe & Taco Bell (next to Indian Ocean at Connecticut and Van Ness) indicates that the spaces are going to be combined and turned into a 7-11.  Workers were hauling a lot of materials and equipment in there today."

Do you have a craving for Cheerios? Is your broken microwave keeping you from a hot meal? Do you need a mousetrap now? Soon, every need, every wish can be fulfilled at Connecticut and Van Ness.


  1. Yes! The 7-11 was always like magic -- they always had what I wanted even if I didn't know myself what that was.

  2. The DC police department used to have an active crime surveillance camera by the 7-11 at Connecticut and Porter. They disabled it after the 7-11 closed. Maybe MPD can be persuaded to move it north to Van Ness now!

  3. It's a strange feeling, being nostalgic for a 7-11. But they do seem to have everything and to be handy.

  4. I wish the CP list and this blog would decide when to co-opt another neighborhood as its own and when not to.

    The new location is in the Van Ness neighborhood, Forest Hills if you must, not really the "Cleveland Park Area". If it was something bad, or unpleasant (like the questionable dearth of good dining options in the UDC neighborhood as indicated in previous CP List posts), there is no issue referring to the area as Van Ness.

    I don't understand it at all. A little consistency and predictability would be nice.